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Designed by Professionals for ProfessionalsTM

Warp Speed Processing with the Most Advanced Cannabis Extraction System in the World. The ProXTM Sets a New Benchmark in Extraction Efficiency!

Supercharge Your Workflow!

The ProX Delivers Unprecedented Processing Speeds

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The World's Most Advanced Cannabis Extraction System

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Disruptive Technology

The ProX is the Talk of the Industry!

"Prodigy cracked the code! The ProX is the fastest and most efficient hydrocarbon extraction system ever built"
Bobby Semaan
Hype Cannabis, MI
"The ProX blew my mind, this is truly a game changer. It's extraction with a twin turbo, the best I've ever seen!"
Mike "Dog" Nelson
Boomer Buds Cannabis, OK


All of your Extraction Needs Powered by ProdigyTM

Extraction Equipment

The world’s most advanced hydrocarbon and ethanol cannabis extraction equipment, made from pharmaceutical grade sanitary 316L stainless steel and proudly Made in USA!

Post Processing Solutions

Best in class vacuum ovens, distillation equipment, freeze driers, temperature control units, testing and analytical devices and more from the world’s top extraction technology suppliers.

Pods & Enclosures

Class 1, Division 1 (C1D1), clean room, and Shroom RoomTM (mushroom incubator) indoor and outdoor turnkey solutions for extraction, post processing and psilocybin cultivation

Best Cannabis Extraction Equipment
We're experts at supplying you with the best cannabis extraction technology and integrating it seamlessly for your business.

Lab Planning & Design

Our architects work closely with Prodigy’s expert extraction technicians to design and build state-of-the-art cannabis extraction labs and facilities fit to the needs of your business.

Installation & Training

Expert installation and certified instruction for hydrocarbon, solventless and ethanol extraction, and advanced cutting-edge courses in cannabis concentrate and essential SOPs.

ROI Optimization & Support

Higher throughput, better yields and lower operational expense separates the pros from the hobbyists. We’ll work with your team to optimize your operations and maximize ROI.


Who We Are

Prodigy is Powered by a Proven Team of Industry Experts

We Got the Band Back Together!

Prodigy was founded in the wake of a number of acquisitions of the most prominent companies in the ancillary cannabis space. Innovators were displaced, employees were disenchanted, suppliers were marginalized, and customers were ignored. Rather than living with the new and grim status quo… Prodigy got the band back together!

Prodigy reunited the greatest talent in the cannabis extraction industry including the pioneering innovators, passionate leadership, powerful manufacturing and supply chains, and proven customer support that was the backbone and powerhouse of the cannabis extraction equipment industry.

Prodigy continues the tradition of providing true and enduring value to cannabis extraction equipment customers and the people who love serving the industry. Prodigy’s winning legacy dates back more than a decade, providing the best equipment and services to North America’s largest cannabis processors and top MSOs. We’re back… and better, faster and stronger than ever.

We are ecstatic to, again, provide our esteemed customers the professionalism and value they expect and deserve. We look forward to exceeding your expectations!

Professional, Proven, Prodigy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Prodigy’s ProX cannabis extraction system is engineered to provide a higher return on investment (ROI) than competitive systems due to several key features:

  1. Faster Solvent Recovery Rate: The ProX system boasts the fastest solvent recovery rate in the market. This allows for a quicker extraction cycle, enabling you to process more material in less time, thereby increasing productivity and profitability.

  2. No Need for Winterization: The ProX system operates at ultra-low temperatures, which eliminates the need for the time-consuming and costly winterization process. By bypassing this step, the overall extraction process becomes more efficient, saving both time and resources.

  3. User-friendly Operation: ProX systems are designed with simplicity and ease-of-use in mind, allowing operators to learn and get up to speed quickly. Less time spent on training and learning curves translates into more time being productive.

All these factors contribute to lowering operational costs, increasing efficiency, and ultimately boosting the return on your investment. With ProX, you’re not just investing in a piece of equipment; you’re investing in increased profitability and a more streamlined, effective operation.

The ProX is manufactured for maximum operational efficiencies and the utmost safety of its operators and the end consumer of the goods it produces. Prodigy uses only US-certified 316L pharmaceutical grade stainless steel in our extraction equipment, guaranteeing the highest level of durability, corrosion resistance, and heat resistance, thereby ensuring the safety and purity of your end product.

The ProX system is designed to perform extraction at extremely low temperatures, at -100oF/-73oC and colder. This is significantly colder than the temperature at which most fats, waxes, and lipids—the undesirables that winterization removes—can stay dissolved in the solvent. By operating at these low temperatures, the ProX system ensures these substances don’t get extracted in the first place, rendering the winterization process unnecessary. Thus, you can streamline your workflow and enjoy a more efficient extraction process with high-purity results.

When you see “Made in the USA” on Prodigy’s equipment, it signifies a commitment to the highest quality and safety standards. International suppliers often lack stringent quality control measures, which can pose risks, particularly in the partially-regulated cannabis industry.

Given the combustible nature of hydrocarbon solvents, any compromise on the quality or reliability of the extraction equipment could pose a significant danger to operators. Additionally, if inferior materials are used, they may leech harmful substances into the extract, creating potential health risks for end consumers.

By manufacturing our products in the USA, we can ensure close oversight of the entire production process, from material selection to the final product. This allows us to minimize any risks, ensuring the safety of both operators and consumers. So, when you choose Prodigy, you’re choosing top-notch quality, safety, and reliability for your cannabis extraction process.

Yes! Each Prodigy extraction system comes with a third-party technical report from Pressure Safety Inspectors (PSI), a reputable independent engineering firm. This report is a rigorous evaluation of our equipment’s design, safety measures, and operational parameters under various conditions.

The PSI technical report signifies to jurisdictional compliance regulators that our ProX extraction systems meet or exceed safety standards and operational guidelines necessary for use in the cannabis extraction industry. Importantly, it also demonstrates compliance with regulations for use across all 50 US states.

We’re committed to ensuring the highest safety standards for our customers. The PSI technical report that accompanies every Prodigy extraction system not only underscores this commitment but also provides our clients with the assurance they can operate our equipment with confidence, regardless of their location within the United States.

Please note that you should always check with the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) in your locale (often the fire marshal), to determine any specific requirements for use where your cannabis processing business is located.

Depending on supply and demand, your ProX system can be ready to ship in as little as 3 weeks. Ancillary equipment (e.g., temperature control devices) may take as much as 12 – 14 weeks. We’ll make every effort to get you your equipment in a timeframe that meets your business requirements.

Prodigy’s cannabis extraction systems have been designed and manufactured with CRN (Canadian Registration Number) readiness in mind. This means that while they meet the design and manufacturing requirements necessary for certification in Canada, they must still be registered in the specific province where the customer intends to use the equipment.

Please note that the process and timeframe for obtaining a CRN can vary from province to province, so it’s recommended to start this process as soon as possible.

Yes! Through trusted third party financing partners, Prodigy offers a range of flexible financing solutions tailored to fit your business needs. Our goal is to make the transition to the ProX system as smooth and affordable as possible, and our financing options plus product scalability ensure that the latest technology is accessible to processors of all sizes.

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